Music of Rain & Farmers of India

                         Music of Rain & Farmers of India

       ‘Ghanan Ghanan Ghan bhar aaye ghir aaye badra’, ‘Rim Zhim Rhim Zhim Rum Zhum Rum Zhum’, ‘ Tip Tip Barsa Paani’, ‘Chai Chappa Chai, Chappak Chai’, ‘Taak Jhum Jhum Taak Jhum Jhum’. Bollywood has used many such words to describe Music of Rain and water. Really the sound of rain & the smell of drenched soil in the first rain of Monsoon fills our heart with Joy and happiness. Just imagine how important it is for the Farmers whose complete life depends on this Rain water. 
       India has witness biggest drought in the late 70s. In past two two-three years Monsoon deficiency has become regular problem in the lives of farmers of Maharashra. Farmers are committing suicides as they don’t have any alternate income source and Farming is no more profitable business for them. Neither they are able to produce sufficient amount of corps nor they are getting right value for their produce. The biggest concern is Government is not taking enough steps to save our farmers from taking  extreme steps like suicides. But the worst part is that NCDEX, the commodity market of India is failing to Monitor the Malpractices in the Forward contracts of the Agriculture produce. 
       Yesterday when NCDEX closed CASTOR seed trading in the Market completely; it faced huge criticism from all the participants of Market. The step was taken as per the bylaws of the Exchange without consulting SEBI. If the Commodity Market is run by Speculators then what is the point in Stopping trading so abruptly? Why haven’t you probed in the Malpractices earlier and made changes in the rules accordingly. Why aren’t you deciding the Rates based on Average rates of different Mandis and relying only on ONE mandi where Manipulation can easily take place. These traders and middlemen who are hoarding the Food-grains and creating artificial Inflation is not new in the commodity Market. We saw same thing happening in Daals few months back. So when are you going to take right steps? 
           Capitalists are earning huge profits by their malpractices and manipulations on one side and Farmers of India are committing suicides for the loans merely worth 1 lac on another side. Such a contrasting picture of India? Who is responsible for it? If you will keep looting poor farmers like this; one day you will have to depend totally on costly Imported food-grains; don’t you realize this?  
             Irrigation network in India is increasing properly but it’s not yet succeded to reach the parts far away from water-resources. In such cases farming solely depends on the Monsoon Rain. Sometimes you get to see Music of Rain making families of Farmer happy; and sometimes you hear crying widows in their early twenties with infants in their arms.  Save the farmers. Music is not always pleasant. 

Ring the bell

                             RING THE BELL (Bell Bajao) 

         In the twenty-first century when the fast pace of life is affecting mental and physical health of an individual, it is equally affecting social health in a really bad way.
The increased population and the improvements in technology are causing huge unemployment which in turn adding to the poverty population and the crimes. Not only males are finding it difficult to cope up with the requirements of life, but also females are suffering from the increased expectations from the life. Survival is more important than success – is the motto of lakhs of people who are facing the darwinian laws prevalent in the world. Hence the rat-race of earning bread-n-butter is taking toll of internal peace of youth. No wonder the relationships are more volatile now-days compared to the past and unfortunately India being a male-dominated society women are suffering more than men in such not-so-good relationships. 

       The increased expectations from each other plays the major role in bitterness which results into household quarrels and when these fights becomes regular the next stage which follows is physical violence. Our Newspapers, News Channels keep reporting so many such incidents of domestic violence daily. But actually thousands of such cases do not come in the daylight due to compromises on female side. Even if a woman tries to complain about her husband to her parents, the first advice which she gets is to solve the domestic issues at home itself. Many relationships doesn’t broke even after such abusive episodes running daily, the only reason for this is – their children. Separation of parents is not good for the future of children. 
          Dowry-killings , Honor-Killings, Acid-Attacks, Murders due to one-sided love etc. issues are social evils and everyone; male and female must fight against them. The ‘deteriorating cultural values’ is not the sole reason of the same.In fact there are several reasons inter-related with each other. The biggest problem being ‘In-active ness of the Society’. People are so much busy in their own life, that they don’t care about what’s happening in their neighbourhood. Selfishness is diminishing the virtue of altruism. Those who have sensitive heart doesn’t have courage to interfere in such cases; and many feels it’s better to stay away from such matters as no-one wants to get involved in police-case or legal-matters. Unfortunately, even police are seen not taking domestic violence seriously and try not to report it in their files. In short, domestic violence happens and will keep happening till Society starts ‘RINGING the BELL’. 
           Society is made up of collection of individuals. Human being is capable enough to make a difference between what is good and what is bad? Being Social Animal human being much try his best to keep the Society healthy and clean. So taking responsibility of the neighbourhood in which one stays is the right way to contribute to the society and one must start it from his own house. It’s important to see that gender equality is established in your family first. We must also understand that ‘conflicts’ can be solved by ‘talks’. Any violence against anybody is not right.
            By RINGING the BELL of the Neighbour where DOMESTIC VIOLENCE keeps happening; Society members should WARN the Abusing husband. They should threaten him of Police-case and also encourage the Victim to raise her voice against such domestic violence – which is crime. If not stopped at initial stage, such violence can keep happening again and again and on more brutal manner in the future. So she must not keep quite. Call their relatives (if you know them) and tell them what’s happening in your neighbour’s house.Tell the concerned person to visit them and stop the crime against woman and if all goes in-vain, go and take help of some NGO to support the victim and file a complaint against her abusive husband in police station. Accompany her and help her throughout such case till things gets normal again.
      In India we consider WOMAN as an Avatar of ‘Maa Shakti’ – the Goddess. So at least treat her like a human being first. ‘Ring the Bell’ and spread the awareness amongst others to do the same. 
(This post has been written exclusively for “RING THE BELL” (Bell Bajao) campaign on Indiblogger)  

We chat for the nation !

                                    We chat for the Nation 

        It’s 2013 now, and India is still a developing nation. We are the most populated nation on the surface of this wonderful planet called earth. But still we could not become superpower even after having such a huge manpower. So sometimes I feel that the struggle of all the great leaders in the history who fought for the freedom of this country got in vain and that’s the only reason I would choose our Bapu Mahatma Gandhi as the first person with whom I would love to chat in We Chat Group. I would also add Swami Vivekanand ji to We Chat Group and discuss with him the deteriorating health of the Society. The third person to whom I would love to add to my We chat Group is Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam; I will be discussing with him the practical aspects  of his Mission 2020. I would love to add Dr.Manmohan Singh to show him strong dislike about his second tenure as a Prime Minister of India.And the last but not the least I would love to add Arvind Kejriwal in the We chat group list to congratulate him for leading the biggest battle of the century – the battle against corruption in India. 
         The first question which I will ask to Mahatma Gandhiji is – why didn’t he dissolved Congress when he was alive? He should have dissolved it after the Independence of India itself. A Nehru-Gandhi dynasty has been ruling the nation from 1947-2013 so it’s tough to imagine whether we are living under emperorship of this dynasty or  we are actually democratic nation? I will request Gandhiji to guide Dr.Manmohan Singh and Arvind Kejriwal who are presently working for the growth of the nation. On We-chat group we would try to discuss all the possibilities of converting Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam’s vision 2020 into reality. We will discuss issue of the Marketization of Education in India and how we can tackle it? I will request Dr. Kalam, to give us solutions which can be implemented to make Education System flaw-free and up to date. We will also listen to his dreams about advancements in Science and Technology especially about Nuclear Power, Space Research, Defence and Medicine. 
       On we chat I, Kalam Sir, Mr. Kejriwal and Dr. Singh will listen to Swami Vivekanand ji about how can we improve our social health. How could we instill the pride of our Indian culture into the current generation and help regain our value-system which the entire world respected. We would discuss the crimes against women, the social inequality the  poverty and other issues which are pulling our growth back and deteriorating the reputation and image of India on global platform. We would also listen to Gandhiji’s opinions and advices on the same. On We Chat group we would ask Arvind Kejriwal what are his plans for creating corruption-free India and about it’s feasibility/possibility? We would also want to know whether he has any concrete plan for the same? And definitely we would congratulate him for at-least trying to bring change in the mindset of the country where ‘Chalta Hai’ attitude ruled consciousness of the people. We would ask Gandhiji to guide him more about the non-violence weapons of Satyagraha, Non Cooperation movements etc.
Finally we will give chance to Dr. Manmohan Singh. We all will keep QUIET to listen to him as he NEVER speaks much. So it’s our responsibility to make him SPEAK. If he doesn’t speak we would ask Gandhiji to ASK him questions about how he is running the Nation for which Gandhiji devoted all his life. I and Arvind Kejriwal will complain to Bapuji that Singh ruined our nation by not saying single word against the scamsters in his UPA government. We would ask Singh why he made so many mistakes in his 2nd tenure. We have Dr. A P J Kalam who will try to give clean chit to Dr.Singh. So I will let Arvind Kejriwal talk  straightaway with him and ask him to give clarifications on 2G, CWG, Coal Gate rather than beating around the bush. 
    On We-Chat Group we all will try to come to some concrete conclusions about the future plans for the nation. We would try to assess the mistakes done by us and the problems faced by our Nation and the proposed solutions for them. We would try to do some healthy discussion which would be beneficial for our India. On We-Chat group we’ll chat for the Nation. 
(This post is exclusively written for We Chat contest on Indiblogger, 
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