“Tu Beer Hai…” is the famous webisode of TVF Pitchers season 1. For youth it has become a Motivational dialogue which is ‘realization moment’ in one’s life that he can fit in any habitat whether it’s Job or Business. Start-Up culture in India which started after Y2K has reached its pinnacle after E-commerce companies like Flipkart and Snapdeal became Billion Dollar companies. Whether they are making Profits or still burning their Cash is altogether different topic of discussion. Everybody thinks his Idea is Million Dollar one but in reality very handful of StartUps see 4th year of Operation. Most of them are closed during their Orientation period itself. But the best thing is that good number of Ideas do get converted into Start Ups. People understand the cost involved in Brick and Mortar models, capital required to run asset-heavy companies is too high comparative to Internet based businesses. The growing popularity of technology-based startups have invited huge Investments in this category. At the same time it lead to increased competition amongst the existing startups and created big entry barriers for the new entrant.

   I studied Chemical technology and MBA Marketing. I don’t know anything about Coding and Programming. Like any other Non-IT professional my knowledge of Computer was only restricted to MS Office and Internet. When I realized importance of Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter; I started learning Social Media Marketing seriously but till date I don’t have guts to enter into Start-Ups. In my 20s I tried many Traditional Businesses like Coaching Classes, Data Entry Vendorship and Non-Traditional businesses like Multi Level Marketing and Silver Extraction from Hypo-Fixer Solution. But till date I don’t feel comfortable about Startup culture. In 2010 when I completed my MBA, I was already 30. Being an Entrepreneur I couldn’t stay longer in my Job in Education Industry and started my own Organization Ashwamedh Group. I have covered my entire Journey of Ashwamedh Group in this blog; therefore I will stick only to the Subject of Start Up here.

    In the 2009  itself I discovered potential of YouTube and Adsense. So when I left job in 2010 I started Ashwamedh Kalamanch. We made First Ever Marathi Webserial Hasya Jatra and started Earning from Google Adsense through the videos we made for our YouTube channels. One fine day I explained the Revenue  Model to all my Team Members hoping that they will encourage their friends to share our Videos on their Facebook Timelines. That had positive effect. Our Viewership increased. We then started making  Short Films and Social Ad Films too. But one day one of our Member sent SMS to all his friends and requested them to Click on the Advertisements on YouTube Videos and as expected after few days Google Adsense banned  our Account completely forever. That was very shocking news for me and I still regret for the day I decided to explain them how Google Adsense works. That was my first experience with Net-based Business.

 In 2012 when there were many Social Media Websites available on the Internet I too decided to launch mine. I named it ‘Indifame’. I wanted to create it as Social Platform for Artists. I met many developers. Purchased the domain name. Started working on design. Launched LOG IN page and then after some point decided to Quit it. It was tough for me to get work done from My developers. I didn’t had huge Budget which good companies demanded and Freelance Website Developers were totally unprofessional in their approach towards the Project. So I closed Indifame Website well before it’s final launch. After few Months we received Society Registration Certificate of Ashwamedh Foundation and we shifted our focus from Media sector to NGO Management completely. From last 4 years Ashwamedh Foundation is doing good in Social Sector. Child Education & Development is our main area of work. Although we used Facebook Pages and Blogger a lot to create awareness about our Work and Raise funds; we hardly got involved in any Social Start-Up ideas again.

   In March 2017, one fine day an Idea struck my Mind while going through my P/L statement of Portfolio. An Idea which can provide Solution of many traders in the Indian Share Market. I discussed it with more than 15 friends and 10 out of them said that the Idea is brilliant. But when I did the costing part for the same I had no other option than to drop it. Being Fintech App it’s Quotation is too high and I can’t afford it. Bootstrapping too not feasible for such risky Idea which has niche market limited to Share Market. So here I am declaring it publicly that I am a guy from 80s who still believes in Long-Term Traditional ways of Businesses. I do find Start-Up culture lucrative and attractive but I perhaps it’s not my cup of tea.