Swaroop Paha, Vishwaroop Pahu Naka

       Change yourself, Don’t try to change the world. 

        World is made up of good things and bad things, You are always surrounded by all kinds of people around you. Even if you are driving in a straight lane with a safe speed you may end up dying in an accident due to another rash driver. So best thing in life is to keep control on yourself to the maximum extent possible; because you can neither control others nor do you change the world alone. Yes, world will change only when everyone will achieve that right self-control, but that can never happen.

      Because those who can’t achieve anything by good means will always try to use shortcuts or try to overtake you; and in that attempt they will not think anything about you or your life. Darwin’s theory will remain the sole truth of all living-beings…Hence the best way is to follow your heart and be yourself. Don’t get affected by what others say about you. Don’t try to change world.Change yourself.As Vinobha bhave said – SWAROOP PAHA, VISHWAROOP PAHU NAKAA.

                                                                                              – Deepbaazigar

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