Arrival of Monsoon 

                                           Torn by the lightning, Clouds are pouring water
                                           Riot of sun-rays has stopped for that matter 
                                           Birds are flying; some pigeons,some sparrow
                                           In the turbid cloudy sky,making line of arrow  

                                           This evening world has become a paradise
                                           Atmosphere is pleasant, peaceful and nice.
                                           Earth had fallen in love with passion of the sky
                                           Raindrops kissed the land which was arid and dry

                                           Hiding behind the rainy clouds with curving rays in bend 
                                           The pride of the burning sun has finally came to end
                                           The flash of lightening is slithering like a snake 
                                           It’s sound is travelling slowly after bit of break 

                                           Monsoon can never cheat Jacobin Cuckoo
                                           which desperately waits for rain for really really long
                                           The farmers, the earth, the birds gets happy 
                                           By the melodious verse in which the rain sings song 

                                                – Deepbaazigar 

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