New Year Resolutions 2019 by Deepak Doddamani aka Deepbaazigar

When earth completes 1 revolution around itself, one day gets completed. All days are same. So why one should make New Year Resolutions? 
Just because we all need to start our life, again and again, several times in a single lifetime. It is important to keep one Resetting point in life. May it be your Birthday or A New Year or any other day of your choice. 
For me such important dates are 
1st January – New Year 
19th February – My Birthday 
1st April – New Financial Year 
LaxmiPujan day – Muhurat Trading day 
1st August – Foundation Day of Ashwamedh Etc.

New Year Resolutions should be done on Personal as well as Professional levels. It’s important to keep balance in life. One baby-step a day can bring wonders in our lives.

I managed to work in several unrelated sectors in my life just because I took baby-steps in every new sector. First step, then second step then steps after steps. That’s how we learn walking. Once you start walking confidently , you can think of running. And once you start running , you can dream of flying..and once you learn to fly. Sky is the limit. Don’t bother about Space. Sky is enough ;).

Everything starts with a ‘Baby Step’

I myself haven’t completed all the tasks I planned for the years. But I try sincerely. If you will look at my Previous messages you will realise how I completed tasks from 2011-2018 with more than 70% success rate. I don’t bother about what people will say if I fail to complete something I resolved. Because Resolutions are personal. They can be used as Monitoring parameters of your growth in life in different front. When a Tree gets older we say ‘Tree is growing’ but when our age increases, we say ‘we are getting older’ instead of saying ‘We are Growing ?’ 
Resolutions help us grow.

Our mind has a habit of wandering here and there. It’s important to bring it back to the place we want it to be. A mundane process like writing down your new year resolutions helps align your thoughts properly. When I start writing posts, I myself don’t know what I will plan for the year. It comes down in a post because it is somewhere in the Network of my mind formed due to historical experiences and the habit of Mind’s reaction to the same. We all know what we want in life. We just have to Jot it down properly by doing this little exercise.

Deepak Doddamani

So here I go. I’ll try to write down my New Year Resolutions for the year 2019 with proper explanations of the same in 10 posts. Let’s see if 10 posts are enough for it.

#NewYearResolutions #1 
Knowledge Gaining 
1) I will read a minimum of 2 books per month 
2) I will listen to minimum 10 podcasts/Webinars every month 
3) I will watch a minimum of 20 Tutorials videos on YouTube every month. 
4) I will watch a minimum of 10 documentaries every month 
5) I will read/watch at least 2 biographies every month

#NewYearResolutions #2 
Content Creation 
1) I will write at least 1 blog post per Week 
2) I will make at least 2 videos per week. 
3) I will start Quotes by Deepbaazigar series again this year

#NewYearResolution #3 
1) I will drink a minimum of 4 liters of Water every day
2) I will reduce my weight by 12 Kgs in this year (1 Kg per month) 
3) I will not do Intraday trading. Keep my BP in level.

#NewYearResolution #4 
1) I will generate good content on Entrepreneurship (teaching, writing, videos) 
2) I will help all the Entrepreneurs who will approach me in 2019 
3) I am open for taking a post of ‘Independent Director’ of a completely new risky Start-Up. 
4) I am ready to take Membership of an Educational Trust ( in a consulting role.)

#NewYearResolutions #5
Personal Level 
I will give more time to my family than my Doddamani Group. I’ll focus on being Productive rather than being Busy.

#NewYearResolutions #6
Investing and Financing. 
1) I won’t give financial advice for FREE 
2) I won’t do Financial planning for FREE 
3) I will do Financial Literacy work for FREE 
4) I will never do Intraday Trading with Margin money again.
5) I’ll focus on Positional Trading and Investing only

#NewYearResolutions #7 
Breaking the Shell 
1) For the sake of Doddamani Group. I will reduce my presence on Facebook and give that same time to Professional networking on LinkedIn this year 
2) I will start meeting people offline 
3) I will start finding right team Members for Doddamani Group, like-minded individuals for political activism and kind individuals for Social work

#NewYearResolutions #8 
Mental health 
1) I will watch more videos by Gaur Gopal Das and BK Shivani 
2) I will watch all the videos by Sandeep Maheshwari 
3) I will stop reading Political News to keep my mind calm

#NewYearResolutions #9
1) I won’t take any Full-time Job but I will definitely start teaching as Visiting Faculty 
2) I won’t be involved in Ashwamedh Foundation but I will continue mentoring my team 
3) I won’t talk again about Ashwamedh Group or my past attempts and only look forward to Establishing the New Conglomerate. 
4) I will focus more on Profits this time instead of Focusing on Increasing the turn-over 
5) I will register Organizations only after laying their Foundations properly

#NewYearResolution #10 
Learning New Things 
1) I’m not a traveler but this year I will start Travelling. 
2) I’ll learn Advanced levels of Technical Analysis this year 
3) I will learn Advanced levels of Digital Marketing this year

I shared my New Year Resolutions with you all on 1st January 2019. We will definitely review them on 1st January 2020. Thanks for taking time out to read these. Happy New Year 2019.


First Interview of Team Ashwamedh Foundation

     Ashwamedh Foundation is working in Child Education & development sector since 2012.
On 26th March 2017, Mr. Vinayak K Waghmode took an Interview of Ashwamedh Foundation team for his Individual Social Responsibility Project (ISR Project) of Welingkar Institute of Management.
     Founder & President Mr. Deepak Doddamani told brief history about Ashwamedh Group and Ashwamedh Foundation. Operations head & Spokesperson of Ashwamedh Foundation Ms. Sneha Sharma explained about the Activities and Projects of Ashwamedh Foundation. She thoroughly explained flagship Programs – Project Ankur & Project Aakaar. Mr. Abdul Hakim Ansari replied on the Constraints we face during Operations. He emphasized on – Scarcity of Funds, Slow Legal Procedures and requirement of NGO Centres. Jitendra Patel put light on  ways of donating to Ashwamedh Foundation. Any Cash donation above Rs 10K is taxable now. We anyhow focused on taking donations via Cheques or NEFT Transfer. Jitendra also emphasized on donating Ashwamedh Foundation for it’s Projects on CrowdFunding websites like Ketto and Milaap. In the end Mr. Deepak Doddamani gave a motivating message for the youth of our country.  He appealed to to youth to come out and work on Grass root level instead of reacting on social issues on Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Vinayak also asked Volunteers about their experiences about working with Ashwamedh Foundation.


On 27th March 2017, published post ‘Story of Deepbaazigar; Founder of Ashwamedh Group’ on their website.

     A day before he released his ‘interview video’; we were already happy as Work of Ashwamedh was reaching to thousands of readers through the post ‘Story of Deepbaazigar’ a post written by me on . Two good news back to back – really good time for Team Ashwamedh. I hope it will boost morale of all the volunteers who are working with Ashwamedh Foundation.

Story of Deepbaazigar on The Rodinhoods

Story of Deepbaazigar on

      Hey  Friends,

              I am thankful to Mr. Alok Kejriwal and his team for publishing my story on their website. I always felt that only ‘Rags to Riches’ or ‘Million / Billion Dollars’ businesses gets exposure on Entrepreneurship related websites; but the Rodinhoods proved me wrong. They understood that ‘genuine’ struggle and the Message of my entrepreneurial journey will help budding entrepreneurs understand that Entrepreneurship is not at all smooth sailing and approved my post. Really; feeling happy today !

I will request you all to read the story on their website only and comment below the same post instead of commenting below this post. Your encouragement is definitely appreciated. Thank You !

Please read the entire story here: